Parenting As A Practice

No one handed you a guidebook explaining how to be a parent.  Everyone says it is intuitive and you’ll know what to do.  What we do is what we were conditioned to believe.  Opening our hearts and minds to a new way of parenting requires practice.
Virtual Parenting Days
Parenting offers a wonderful way to practice together. When we come together in a joint practice we are able to feel the support of our community joining together to provide a more conscious environment for our children. Learn More About Virtual Parenting Days
Individual Sessions
Purejoy offers many ways of working together. Leslie can do one-on-one parent-coaching sessions, weekly groups, parenting salons, and speaking engagements for groups and organizations.
Learn More About Individual Sessions
Monthly Inquiry Group

Gathering together to share struggles as well as joy in a monthly group. A group forms when 6 or more parents gather to receive support in the continuing unfolding of parenting the Purejoy Way.
Learn More About Monthly Inquiry Group

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