How does Purejoy Parenting with Leslie work?


family-in-bed Purejoy offers many ways of working together. Leslie can do one-on-one parent-coaching sessions, weekly groups, parenting salons, and speaking engagements for groups and organizations.

She will connect with you and your personal needs to create daily practices that work with any blocks that keep you from experiencing the joy of parenting.


Working with Leslie you will begin to understand that behavior is a form of communication.  When you are able to suspend your conditioned beliefs and actually hear the call of your child the door opens to deeper connection and love.


Leslie’s “kitchen table” coaching sessions offer the most in-depth, focused means of addressing your personal situation. These can be done by phone or in person.


The parenting salons, held in the host’s home, offer Purejoy parents a delightful way to share ideas and dialogue with Leslie.


• Speaking engagements can be customized or Leslie has a number of ready-made parenting topics you can choose from.


Each approach has its benefits; Leslie offers a free 30-minute initial consultation to see how you can work together to best benefit you and your family. Contact us.


“This work has brought peace to me and my family. I have been a lot happier with myself and how I interact with my son. I can’t believe the difference I feel from a year ago. I find that I think differently, and am constantly remembering things Leslie and the other women in my group have shared. It’s one of the most powerful things I have ever done.”

Karen B

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