Purejoy Parenting Care Groups

Purejoy Parenting Care Groups

Leslie offers parenting support groups to go deeper into the Purejoy Parenting Foundations. Each week we meet as a small group via phone to process your individual needs, covering topics such as:

  • Recognizing and working with triggers in response to your child’s behavior
  • Understanding the communication behind all behaviors
  • Learning to address your child’s needs as well as your own
  • Working in connection with your spouse instead of at odds
  • Ensure emotional safety with regulating techniques 
  • Stay calm and connected through daily practices


A new group will be forming in January 2018.
If you are interested in hearing more you can contact me at leslie@purejoyparenting.com.

And, please fill out this online survey: Go to form


“Working with Leslie has been like turning my head around 180 degrees and getting used to the view from that angle. I thought I was going to Leslie for her to help me with this issue or that with my girls but instead I learned that the girls are just communicating to me through every action and reaction and it is my own discomfort that I have gotten to work with.

The only thing I came into parenthood knowing was that parents were supposed to be consistent which I thought meant saying no today to the same things I said no to yesterday. That was way too much for me to keep up with. Leslie Potter has taught me that the consistency I want is to show up with myself and my children (and in every other relationship) with unconditional love. It’s really simple, but it’s not easy.” Susanne A