The Heart of Parenting


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The Heart Of Parenting

with Leslie Potter



This Parent group explores a new Parenting model focusing on connection with the heart while relaxing control over behaviors.

 You will be shown a direct, practical means to be with your children authentically, creatively and from a place of calm. During our time together you will have an opportunity to:

 *Understand why certain behaviors in our children trigger us and how to unravel those triggers.

 *Clear and release negative self perceptions that affect your day to day parenting style.

 *Increase your ability to be in the present moment with your children and yourself, thereby totally changing your current and future family dynamics

 Each of us longs to be big-hearted, generous, capable parents, whose love and clarity create safe, open environments in which our sons and daughters thrive. Now you can!  Open to Moms and Dads!  

 When:  Sunday May 26th  from 9am to 5pm at Nyland Co-housing Cost:  $150  Contact: Amy Beth to send a check.


  Register by May 10th for Early Bird Discount of 20% off.