Virtual Parenting Days


Bringing awareness to a parenting practice as a group is a powerful way to shift old patterns of relating. Joining together with other parents allows us to be held by a greater group.


Here is how it works.  On a designated Saturday, we have an initial call at 9am MT  where I give a small teaching and offer the parenting practice we will  be doing during the day.


We will have another check in call at 5pm MT to see how the day went.  You are able to do the practice in your home or wherever you are with whoever you are with.


We will be creating a group that will all be doing the same practice which gives you virtual support in your daily practice.  This is so cool!


An example of a practice:  During the day, notice whenever you have a negative thought about your child’s behavior.  When this thought arises you will counter it with a positive thought which will be equally as true.


What we found is that when we bring awareness to a practice together the power is much greater.  Most of us felt like we had someone else in the room supporting us to stay with our practice.  It is very supportive.


This is a great way to build momentum and give lots of parents a way to experience Purejoy!


Our next event is coming soon… May 2015.

Cost is $10 for the day.

After you register, I will send you the call-in info.

“Leslie has an amazing ability to see the essence of what ever “problem” you have with your children. She distills it and shows you how you can “fix” it by first healing yourself, resourcing yourself, and then joining your child where they are. She is a wonderful guide through the forest of parenting.” 

Kim P

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